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Praise for Amy Peppercorn from the UK and round the world:

“This is a true delight of a book! Ideal for all ages and particularly suited to teenagers. Once you pick it up you will not put it down until you are at the last page!” ONLINEPOP NEWS

“A must read for anyone who wants to be famous.” MIZZ MAGAZINE

“Hopes and dreams of fame, a dream many children seek, forms the backdrop to this delightful novel of friendship and betrayal, of success and failure and learning to handle them all.  It’s emotionally edgy but also a great deal of fun to read.  A must read for anyone who wants to be famous.” LOVEREADING4KIDS

“The Amy Peppercorn books are readable, entertaining and moving and will be hugely popular.” WESTERNCAPE.GOV.ZA

“Sixteen year old Amy Peppercorn has a lot to scream about. She’s struggling with her A-levels and coping with her two year old sisters while her parents tear each other apart. Her best friend is being lured away from her. Then Amy falls under the spell of cool, elusive Ben and joins his band.

Winning Ben’s approval means careering through the streets in a stolen car, skipping school, and staying out late. Amy could be in trouble. But she leaves the band behind – she’s not like the others. She’s going to be a pop sensation.
At the end of a stunning novel that packs a huge emotional punch, she is on the brink of stardom – but knows there will be a terrible price to pay.
John Brindley is a compelling and very distinctive writer with terrific insight into teenage relationships, hopes and fears. He writes brilliantly about the music world and the dangerous world of joyriding and police chases. This is a must-read.” READINGS.COM.AU

 Praise for Amy Peppercorn from readers published on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars Fast-moving, funny and gripping

When I first looked at this book, I thought “Well I’ll try it, but I don’t think it will be anything special”. But I was VERY wrong!!! As they say – don’t judge a book by it’s cover – literally! Inside this book is an amazing story – funny and emotional at the same time.
It’s about a girl who joins a band with two boys, her best friend and her best friend’s horrible cousin, Kirsty. Her best friend Beccs is being made a real girly-girl by Kirsty, who is trying to get Beccs to be her best friend instead. They do their first gig and it’s a BIG hit! So they try for stardom, and go to a recording studio. But there’s a few big twists on the way and everything changes. The people around her are changing, her life is changing and she is changing. I was finding myself staying up late just to finish the chapter, only to find I couldn’t stop without reading the next chapter and the next!
I would recommend this book to anyone of about 12+. It is fast-moving, exciting and a real must-read.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Sixteen-year-old Amy Peppercorn has a lot to scream about. Her best friend Beccs is being lured away by that hateful boy-beacon, Kirsty. School sucks. Her family are impossible to live with. Know the feeling? Then, although she SO didn’t mean to, she falls under the spell of the cool, irresistible Ben and joins his band. Everything changes. Because Amy’s scream is her fortune. She’s going to be a pop sensation and she’s on her way. There is glitz, and excitement. But secrets and startling revelations also unfold in a story that packs a huge emotional punch. Stardom has it’s price, how much will Amy pay?

5.0 out of 5 stars

After reading the first book, Amy Peppercorn: Starry Eyed and Screaming, I was totally hooked. It’s a great feel-good book, but things change just like that, and it tells a great tale of Amy Peppercorn. Troubles and torments, through life’s ups and downs. Just a great read!

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing

This book is fantastic!!!
Its Interesting, funny, and emotional! John Brindley has really captured the essence of song and music- wicked!
Its not about a typical girl who wants to sing …Amy Peppercorn has real substance.
Read it, read it, read it! For anyone who has dreams!

4.0 out of 5 stars **********FAB*********

This book is excellent! Amy is a live character, who just tries to please everyone and help everyone when so much is going wrong with her own life. Her best friend is been stolen from her by a venomous jealous girl, whilst her mother and father are screaming louder than her 2 troublesome twin sisters. Then Ben comes. The heart-throb. But as he guides Amy into a band, Car Crime, he expects her to do more than just sing….!!!!!!!!!



Everything’s changed.

Under a new regime comes the urge to kill – a transgression of the ASP dwellers’ precarious laws.

As deposed leader, Ash seems powerless to act. Then she is kidnapped, and thrust into another, harsher struggle.

In the Blue Kingdom, a battle for supremacy rages between the beautiful, savage Raptors – with Ash as their weapon.

As another era dawns, survival is all. For Ash it means facing the chilling truth about who she is and where she’s from.

Compelling, relevant, insightful, “The Rule of Claw” is evolution at its wildest.

A move away from the effervescent over-the-top world of Amy Peppercorn, this is a powerful novel in the best tradition of thrillers. We enter a futuristic world and meet a band of sixteen year olds who were dumped in isolation at an early age. They’re educated partly by gleaning facts from the few books in their possession, but primarily through their experiences of survival which features death and danger. A new threat emerges when the teens transcend their own rules and eat animal flesh. Ash is kidnapped and becomes a pawn in the power struggles between the formidable raptors. In these beautiful beasts, she glimpses new forms of evolution which make her consider her own humanity. Soon she learns the frightening truth of their origins. And realizes the dangerous implications for herself and her friends.

Michael Crichton for teens – an original and page-turning thriller.


Life already hangs in precarious balance for Phoenix and her friends and family. Protector can turn foe at any moment; rebellion bubbles beneath every surface – and ultimately, it’s nobody but nature who calls the shots.
Then Phoenix falles in love with an Angel …
… and the Adults return, offering desperate acts of salvation – but at what cost?








By Pam Norfolk
Writing in The Lancashire Evening Post

Schoolboy Joe Summers is in a coma and under attack from deadly germs…but he’s not ready to take his battle for life lying down. Blood Crime is the gripping new medical mystery story from John Brindley and it proves to be an addictive concoction for both children and young adults. Full of spine-tingling tension and action-packed adventure, Brindley’s heart-thumping storyline gets almost literally inside the mind and body of his young hero to create a race-against-time thriller. And with more twists and turns than an alimentary canal, this is hospital drama with a difference… Eleven-year-old Joe is a bit geeky – he likes bird watching, drawing and anything to do with the workings of the human body. His cousin Annie is the exact opposite – she’s mad about boxing, likes wearing ‘hoodies’ and enjoys skipping school.But they do have one thing in common; they both have no father. Joe’s dad died only recently in a mysterious fire at the lab where he researched human viruses and bacteria, and Annie’s Caribbean-born father died years ago from a genetic blood disease. Annie barely remembers her father but Joe is still distraught over his father’s terrible end and convinced that someone murdered him. And now Joe is teetering dangerously between life and death in hospital after collapsing at his home surrounded by bizarre drawings and angry scribblings claiming that a killer is on the loose. Annie is fascinated by Joe’s messages and becomes determined to discover what he was trying to say, even if it means putting her own life in danger. Meanwhile Joe remains trapped in a twilight world inside his own inert body and increasingly certain that the bacteria slowly killing him were deliberately put there. He must use his still active brain, his medical knowhow and sheer willpower to piece together the truth before someone out there silences him forever… Blood Crime is a shining example of the kind of exciting but intelligent stories which are luring a new generation of young readers into the wonderful world of books. Compelling, easy to read, full of fascinating facts and with a super sting in the tail, it’s a brilliant page-turner guaranteed to keep children of all ages on the edge of their seats.


Once, Blake was a star runner – a local legend. Now he’s failing on and off the track.

A chance encounter on a school trip changes everything. One look at the beautiful, mysterious Chimera and Blake knows his life will never be the same again.

Innocence and guilt clash in a place where the stuff of legend is reality. And Blake must question everything he’s ever known.







Ryan is an ordinary boy with an ordinary life – until the day he grows a rhinoceros horn in the middle of his forehead.

And now Ryan the school bully knows how it feels to be jeered at and whispered about, he knows what it’s like to be the focus of media frenzy. He knows what it does to the mother he sneers at, the sister he snipes at, the father he hardly ever sees. And all Ryan’s anger, fear, shame and disillusionment explode.



When Emma’s family win £23.5 million on the lottery, Emma gets everything she ever dreamed of. Who needs GCSEs when there’s all that money to spend!

Catapulted from her humdrum life with Mum, Dad, and Gran, she’s up to neck in champagne parties, designer clothes, swimming pools and spending sprees in Paris and New York. Of course she changes – wouldn’t you?

But Emma is seconds away from going under – for ever.

This is the dark side of the fairy tale – a riveting, uncompromising, fast-paced story about what can happen to an ordinary girl when she gets all the money she never knew she wanted.


“This is powerful, convincing and fast-paced writing … certainly thought provoking and a starting point for discussion and debate.” Nansi Taylor, SCHOOL LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. 


“Emma learns that money can wreck lives and can’t buy everything you desire. It’s a hard lesson for her, but very entertaining for the reader.” TIMES WEEKEND, March 2002. 


“Written in a challengingly sophisticated style, this is a dark novel which shows how everyone’s favourite dream can easily turn into a nightmare.” Rosalind Kerven, NORTHERN ECHO, May 2002


Be warned. The untold terror is out …

That stupid swot. That stupid too-polite swot and his pretty-face mum. Stu and Jane hate them. Really hate them. Why should they share their house, their father, their lives, with those sicky too-gooders?

Something’s got to be done.

Pretty-face step-mum? She could be tricky. But not the boy. Not the little swot-boy, Peter. Stu and Jane can get him. Really get him. As soon as he’s alone. Alone with Stu and Jane … and the Scissorman.

Published by Scholastic in 2,000


Some things die, other things live. It’s what happens.

‘Please help me,’ she’s saying to him. ‘Tom, please, help me. Please, please help me.’
She hasn’t slept. Anybody could see. She’s been up, eating, being sick, making herself sick, eating again. Being sick again. Now here she is, half killed by herself, by the madness that’s got into her somehow.

This is the story of Tom, his big sister, jazz, and someone else, who lives alone in a world of her own making. But she is the only person who can instill in them both the will to survive. It’s about the weak and the strong, perception and reality.

Published by Orion Children’s Books in 1999


Suddenly he moves. He grabs James … swings him round, throwing him over the edge.

… ‘No!’ Maria has screamed before she can even realise what has happened, or even that she has screamed.

Maria and James’s father vanishes, without explanation. They want him back. They’re desperate. But their search for him turns into a living nightmare. It’s oppressive, relentless and nothing can prepare them for facing the Terrible Quin.

Published by Orion Children’s Books in 1998

“This book crackles with a latent violence that is both gripping and stomach-churning. The children’s betrayal by their uncle is as horrifying as it is believable. The reader becomes as protective of little James as Maria is, and as helpless in the face of the apparently psychopathic albino thug, the Terrible Quin. With only pages to go, my heart was in my mouth. Cliff-hanging stuff indeed.” Janni Howker, TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIMENT, July 1998



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