Quantum Physics – a new Theory of Everything

One evening, quite some time ago now, I held my hand under a desk reading lamp. Then I brought it closer to the light source, and to my eye, then took it further away. That moment, in a single insight, I understood that there was, and is, an answer, a single solution to all of the puzzling questions. This was, however, no totally “eureka” moment, but a good glimpse along a path so suddenly illuminated, that I knew there and then that it led to the correct understanding; a very-much simplified, but coherent description of everything.

Nuclear physics set out to describe what is at the “heart” of everything – how basic particles react with one another, creating everything we see, everything in our world, the stars and the universe. It has failed. Many physicists have thrown in the towel, insisting now that such a comprehensive description is and always will be impossible. String theorists have picked up that towel and tied it into impossibly tiny, unseeable knots.

Most physicists seem to agree that it is not possible to describe fundamental particles and forces in a “classical” way – that is, way that can be related directly to the world around us, using just our three spatial dimensions and time. Well I will show that it is possible – in fact, this little book will constitute just such a comprehensive description. It is all in here.

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